The Keller Line


“Molly” Kathleen Mary McNeilly and Cecil Andrew Percy Keller

Great Grandparents

Ida May Pelling and Thomas Keller
“Agnes” Catherine Agnes Cahill and “Billy” William Cree McNeilly

Great Great Grandparents

Florence Anne Fitzgerald and Albert Pelling
Alice Shane and Herbert Francis Keller
Elizabeth Mary Hickey and John William Cahill
Sarah Jane Cree and Hugh McNeilly

Great Great Great Grandparents

Catherine Donnelly and John Fitzgerald
Emma Louisa Grinder and James Richard Harrison Pelling
Elizabeth (surname unknown) and John Shane
Thomasina Eliza Anderson and Thomas Keller
Catherine Brunton and William Hickey
Mary Corrigan and Richard Cahill
Mary J Cronin and William Cree
Ann Perry and Hugh McNeilly

Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Catherine Donnelly’s parents unknown
John Fitzgerald’s parents unknown
“Lucy” Lucinda Welch and John Pelling
Ann (surname unknown) and William Grinder
Helen Rea and Thomas Conyngham Anderson
Mary Bastable or Dowling & John Keller
Anne Murray and Thomas Brunton
Elizabeth Brereton and Patrick Hickey
Margaret Ring/Wren/Ryan and Patrick Corrigan
Catherine Sullivan and Patrick Cronin
Sarah Aird and James Cree
Jane (surname unknown) & Hugh Perry
Jane Davis & John McNeilly

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Jane Britain and James Pelling
Grace (surname unknown) and George Grinder
Sarah (surname unknown) and Joseph Rea
Joanna (surname unknown and James Sullivan
Elizabeth Sweeney & James Cronan

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Mary Mutlow and Thomas Rea


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