Archibald McNicol & Lovenia Macklin (Gibb, Young)

Lavenia Macklin was nineteen when she arrived in Australia aboard the Phoebe Dunbar with her sisters Mary and Sarah.  They arrived Christmas day 1854 but I’m not sure if they disembarked that day.  They joined their married sister Mrs Holland who was residing at 110 Swanston Street, Melbourne.


Extract from Victoria Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists 1839-1923 ,  25 December 1854       -Phoebe Dunbar –

The girls all recorded their religion as Presbyterian and were able to read and write.

Lavenia was born in Newtownstewart, Ireland about 1834 to Andrew Macklin and his wife Ann Love.  A number of her siblings also made their way to Australia although I have not traced their journeys.


Her known siblings are:
Margaret b1828 – was already married to John Holland when Lavinia arrived in Australia although I cannot find records  to tell where/when the couple married.  Margaret died 1857;
Mary b 1831;
Sarah b1836 – married Thomas Adams and died 16 June 1918.  Their children: John b1861 d 1913; Ann b 1863; Isabella b 1865 d 1934; Thomas Alexander b1867 d1931; Rebecca Elizabeth b1869 d1869; Robert Andrew b1870 ?is this the birth record for James?; James Andrew b1870 d 1886; Fanny Maud b1872 d 1886 and Samuel Macklin b1874;
Oliver John b 1843 – was described as the second son of Andrew Macklin when he died in North Queensland in 1891;
Rebecca b1838 – first married Andrew McCormick in 1866.  After his death she married widower William Dawson.  The couple had three children that did not survive infancy: William Arnott b1873 d 1874; Annie Elizabeth b1875 d 1877; and Rebecca Marion b1877 d1877.  Rebecca also died in 1877.

Lavinia married David Forester Gibb in Victoria on 10 October 1855.  They had the following children:
Ann Love b1856- Ann married John Muldoon in Wagga in 1875.  Their children: Thomas David b1876 d 1959; Lavinia Alice b1878 d1947; Louisa b1878; John E b 1879 d1884; Oliver b1881 d 1994; Susannah b1883 d 1900; Isabella May b1885; Lydia A b 1887 d1887; Ernest Edward b1888 d 1974; Sarah L b1891; and Hessel Alexander b1895 d1963.
Elizabeth Calderwood b 1859; married Alfred Shardalow Simpson (aka Thomas Shardalow Sweet)
Lavinia Macklin b1860; married Cornelius Alfred Ward at Molong in 1882.
Isabella Sarah b 1862; married Reuben Rose Payten at Young in 1894.  She died in 1904 at Goulburn.
Henry b1865 d 1866.

David died in 1866.  After her husband’s death, Lavinia’s son Alfred Ernest Gibb was born in 1867.  Despite no father being recorded on his birth certificate, a news article from 1867 indicates Arch McNicol was in fact the father.


The Geelong Advertiser, Friday 8 November 1867, p3

According to his death certificate, Archibald was born in Inverness in Scotland to Jessie McGregor & Donald McNicol.  I’m not sure how he travelled to Australia but in 1868 he married Emily Adams in Warnambool, Victoria.  The couple had three children in Victoria, Violet Edith b1869; Constance Alice b1871 ; and Ida Emily b1873 before moving to Deniliquin where they saw the arrival of: Hector b1877-d1877; Bertha Caroline b1878; John Archibald b 1880; Maude Isabel b 1883; and Jessie Campbell b1886.  John was to die, within a fortnight of his father, due to “…effects of injuries accidentally received through a horse which was leading having thrown him down and dragged him about 150 yards.”

Lovinia married Thomas Young, in 1875 with the marriage registered in Young.  Lovinia’s death was recorded in Parkes, NSW on 25 June 1915.



TROVE Newspaper Articles
The Geelong Advertiser, Friday 8 November 1867, p3

NSW Register of Coroner’s Inquests 1887-1894



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