Elizabeth Mary (née Hickey) & John William Cahill (g-g grandparents)

Elizabeth Mary Hickey was born in 1850 to Catherine (née Brunton) and William Hickey at Reidsdale NSW.  She was one of eight children, namely: Catherine b1848 d1948; Mary b1852 d1855; John b1855 d1870; Luke John b1877 d1929; Patrick b1862 d1862; Thomas b1862; and William b1863.  Both Elizabeth’s parents were born in Ireland then later met and married in Australia

In 1875 Elizabeth married ‘James’ Cahill.  I have a few conflicting names for ‘James’ so this may change as I find more information.  Most other records have his name recorded as ‘John’, which is what I will use for now.  John was born 10 January 1845 in Araluen to Richard Cahill, an Irish convict, and Mary Corrigan.

Elizabeth and John had the following children:

Richard James b1876 d1915
William John b1878 d1954
Catherine Agnes ‘Agnes’ b1879 d1960
Patrick Bede b1882 d1952
John b1884 d1884
John b1886 d1887

The only way I was able to locate Elizabeth’s details it thanks to a photo of her headstone which reads:

“In loving memory of Elizabeth Cahill youngest daughter of William and Catherine Hickey of Reidsdale who died June 23 1886 aged 36 years  Erected by her affectionate brother John Hickey”

John’s cousin Mary McCarthy married a man by the name of Peter Rusconi who worked as a monumental mason at some stage.  I’m not sure if this connection had anything to do with the headstone but it is rather elaborate.

Thirty six is very young for Elizabeth to die and leave even younger children behind.  Their ages would have been: Richard 10; Catherine ‘Agnes’ 7; Patrick 4; and John 1.  I have no clue as to what happened to the family after her death.

It would appear the family may have gone to Sydney as some of the children were married there and after that headed up to Queensland.  John died 1 July 1928 in Cairns and is buried in the Martyn Street Cemetery.


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