This list is incomplete but I will update it as I find more records.

Sir Edward Paget – arrived 14 Feb 1842

Patrick Cronin, from Dromcolliher, Ireland
Catherine (nee Sullivan) Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
James Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
Elizabeth Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
Mary Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
John Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
Johanna Cronin, County Cork, Ireland
Sydney/Daniel Cronin, born on the journey, recorded as Sydney later recorded as Daniel

‘Irene’ – arrived 16 October 1852

Hugh McNeilly, from (Killala) ?Killyleagh, county Down, Ireland
Ann (nee Perry) McNeilly, from Bangor, county Down, Ireland

‘Malvina Vidal’ – arrived 20 June 1853

Eliza Kershaw, from Tipperary, Ireland

‘Phoebe Dunbar’ – arrived 25 December 1854
The Phoebe Dunbar was owned by Duncan Dunbar and was a sister ship to Dunbar Castle, Dunbar Castle and the ill-fated Dunbar that was wrecked at the Gap on 20 August 1857.

Lavinia (nee Macklin) Gibb, from Tyrone, Ireland

‘Light of the Age’ – arrived 13 December 1855

Thomasine Eliza (nee Anderson, nee Keller) Underwood, from UK

‘Gipsy Bride’ – arrived 29 April 1860

Herbert Francis Keller, from Dublin, Ireland
Horace Keller, from Dublin, Ireland

‘Clara’ – arrived 22 February 1875

James Richard Harrison Pelling, from Middlesex, England
Emma Louise (nee Grinder) Pelling, from Middlesex, England
Albert Pelling, from Middlesex, England


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